Captain Morgan™ Presents
Legends of Horror

September 30th to October 31st

HOURS: 7pm – 12midnight

Ticket Prices
$40 online in advance
$45 at the door

An immersive theatrical interpretation of all of the classic horror figures as we lead our audience through a one hour, 1.5 km walk through the bowels of the historic castle.

As guests make their way through the exterior grounds of the castle, they will meet a host of ghoulish characters along their path. What will bring this journey together in a narrative ‘through-line’, is the host, ‘Dracula’. Dracula is our guide, drawing us into his seductive world of enchantment, blood, and eternal life.  As our guests make their way closer to the castle, the tone begins to change. In the glass house, the Invisible Man presents a confusing distortion of reality, not just for the audience, but also for Dracula himself. He then leads the way into the tunnels beneath the castle, revealing a tale of darkness and despair. As the journey comes to an end, Dracula reveals his plan to bring life back to this place of death and despair.

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